In this article, we will see Microservice Communication using RabbitMQ with ASP.NET Core. We will learn how to enable communication between Microservices using RabbitMQ and MassTransit.

We will be using MassTransit Helpers to publish / receive messages from our RabbitMQ server

What is Message Broker

Before going to topic RabbitMQ, we will see about Message Broker. Message Broker main responsibility is to broker messages between publisher and subscribers.

Once a message is received by a message broker from producer, its routes the message to a subscriber. …

In this article, we will see Distributed caching, Redis cache, and also Redis caching in ASP.NET Core.

Table of Content

  • What is distributed caching and its benefit
  • IDistributedCache interface
  • Framework provided to implement
  • Distributed Redis cache
  • Setting up Redis on Windows 10
  • Redis CLI commands
  • Steps to integrate Redis cache in ASP.NET core
  • Summary

What is distributed caching and its benefit

Distributed caching is when you want to handle caching outside of your application. This is also can be shared by one or more application/servers. Distributed cache is application-specific i.e., multiple cache providers that support distributed caches. To implement distributed…

In this article, you will see a Web API solution template which is built on Hexagonal Architecture with all essential features using .NET Core.


This is kick-off project which will have all essential things integrated to it. When we have to start with a new project, then we should think of business. When business requirement is ready, then we have to start focusing the business and we should be ready with basic / essential libraries.

We will see some important libraries order wise, which should be integrated to our…

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